Scent Tattoo

Scent Tattoo is a project about connecting humans through scent.

Each of us has a unique life story

and scent is distinctly qualified to tell that story.


Stories are memories

and smell evokes our most emotional memories.


We recognize we may have started our journey in very different places,

with completely different experiences,

but in the end we all have something in common

our sense of smell

We are more alike than we are unalike
— Maya Angelou
As we breathe, we smell
— Mandy Aftel

Every scent tells a story

and it’s these stories that connect us as humans.


Please note that those with anosmia (total or partial loss of the sense of smell) are not forgotten in this project.
Every effort will be made to shed light on this sensory condition.
As the opportunity arises, I hope to share their stories as well.